The spotlight is on the girls as they prepare for the OSCAR #kicklikeagirl UK Football Tour 2018

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The OSCAR UK School Tour 2017 was a great accomplishment. The OSCAR boys U15 team had a life-changing trip, excelled on the football pitch and made lots of new friends. The boys captured the hearts of the nation and the tour was beautifully represented in a CBBC documentary, My Life: Mumbai Street Strikers.

The UK schools came out in force to support the OSCAR initiative and it was unanimously agreed the cross-cultural benefits were mutual. A win, win for everyone. The OSCAR team returned to their communities as inspirational, positive role models. They made everyone very proud. The schools felt privileged to be part of such a powerful project.

It’s now time to offer the same for OSCAR girls.

Eight girls from Jharkhand and 7 from Mumbai are selected for the #kicklikeagirl tour and set off on Sunday 30th September. The legacy of the boy’s tour ensured many new schools were keen to get involved. OSCAR is proud to have 6 leading, independent schools fundraising and hosting the 2-week tour. Thank you to all the pupils and staff at Bradfield CollegeHeathfield AscotMalvern CollegeThe Cheltenham Ladies’ CollegeDowne HouseSt Mary’s Calne and to Mumbai’s BD Somani International for helping make OSCAR dreams come true.

Plus, a big ‘shout out’ to all the inspiring OSCAR International Young Leaders, true ‘Global Citizens’, who are working hard to create a better world for everyone.

In April 2018, Ashok, Lucinda and Ruby toured the UK schools delivering assemblies, geography classes and ‘slum style’ soccer training to over 4,000 pupils, kicking off a flurry of fundraising activities to finance the tour. The itinerary provides an educational, cultural and sporting programme, which will inspire the girls to continue with their education, work hard and motivate them to strive for change in their communities.

In Mumbai, Project Leader, Sunita Rathod, has worked around the clock applying for passports, visas and equipping the girls with everything they need for the adventure of a lifetime.

Let’s get this tour started….

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“I never thought one day I would own a passport and fly in a plane to the UK. My parents are so proud they cried when I told them.” — Pushpa.