Simran — Leading By Example

By November 25, 2019 December 5th, 2019 No Comments

The only way to gain experience in life is by jumping in and doing. This is exactly what Simran did during Diwali vacation.

While other students were taking a break, seeing friends and family, Simran who is a TISS Mumbai student and is currently undertaking her MA in Women Centred Practice, took on the role of project manager for OSCAR’s first International Female Leadership training programme.

The role included liaising with eight different well known NGOs prior to the training, including International NGOs streetfootballworld and Discover Football. Simran also took charge of setting a timetable and structure for the training, ensuring all policies and procedures were in place, supporting the running of workshops and mentoring the female young leaders throughout the week’s training.

Following the training, Simran is busy getting feedback from participants and partners to compile a detailed report about the training and offer recommendations for the future. This is just one of many examples in OSCAR’s work that demonstrates that the successful delivery of a project is about the person and not about their age or experience.

OSCAR family would thank Simran for all of her knowledge, passion and support and wish her the very the best for the rest of her education.