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We want visitors on the OSCAR Experience to understand and experience the real Mumbai through our children’s eyes introducing you to their homes, families, neighbours and friends.

Not only will you get to know the true heart and power of this community but also make the same journey the children make to football training everyday and enjoy a match with them.

This is a unique and personal experience where you will get to build a rapport with a community and create memories that will last a lifetime.

All of the money goes back into funding our OSCAR football and education programmes. Join us and experience the heartbeat of our slum community.

Get in touch to book your place on the OSCAR Experience.

I believe that there is so much life in these communities and I had an amazing time meeting these kids, enjoying a game of football whilst learning what their daily routine looks like. I feel that every child took me through completely unique experiences and I will cherish this for years to come - Toby Hilton, Toronto, Canada

Experiencing how the youths in the slum communities of Mumbai live really opened our eyes to see how amazing their spirit and passion was, even in such dire circumstances. Football has really changed the lives of these children and has motivated them to do more for themselves and their community - Rob Stewart, Manchester, UK

This experience truly showed me that motivating children with football training can change lives.
- Lucy Manski, Manchester, UK