Download the gift of an OSCAR Yoga Nidra to keep.

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The OSCAR yoga nidra charity visualisation is of indiscriminate love for all things, of giving, caring and sharing.

The wonderful team at are helping the OSCAR foundation share their message with yogis around the world. is a vibrant online global community where like-minded people share their love, experience and knowledge for yoga and meditation.

EkhartYoga provides over 2,500 yoga and meditation classes from renowned international teachers and is a great resource for both students and teachers to develop and explore new aspects of their practice. Founded in 2011, EkhartYoga has members spread over 152 countries, an active social community of over 700,000 friends and followers and nearly 1 million unique visitors per month.

The OSCAR Foundation is offering a beautiful 30 minute authentic Indian yoga nidra audio recording, by Mumbai teacher, Aziz Currim and the chance to win a complimentary 3 month membership of Ekhartyoga. All you need do is make a minimum donation of $5 to the OSCAR foundation. Click here to make a donation.


Now simply download, lie down and listen to Aziz’s calming voice and instructions.

Yoga Nidra reaches the deepest point of relaxation, reduces tension and anxiety. The OSCAR recording will help the most vulnerable children in the Indian slum communities get the help and guidance they so desperately need.

OSCAR uses football to teach the value of education to slum children across India, empowering underprivileged children and young people with life skills to take responsibility for the development of their own lives and community. The founder of OSCAR, Ashok Rathod, first came across Ekhartyoga in the UK. It might seem strange for an Indian to travel to Europe to start their yogic journey….until you learn a little more about life in the slums.

Ashok set up the OSCAR Foundation when he was 18 years old. He was raised and still lives with seven members of his family in the Ambedkar Nagar slum community, in the heart of Mumbai. His uneducated parents work hard in the nearby Colaba fishing market to provide for the family. The slum house, nestled in the bustling, narrow alleyways is approximately the size of four or five yoga mats side by side. There is little wonder Ashok did not start practising yoga at home. On a recent trip to the UK promoting the ‘OSCAR U14 UK Schools Tour 17’, Ashok had his first experience of an online yoga practice with Esther Ekhart. It was this experience that gave him the idea to approach Aziz Currim to join with him and offer a charity yoga nidra.

Aziz lives with his wife Misbah in Mumbai. Together they hold workshops and retreats in the UK, France and across India. Aziz and Misbah trained at the Bihar School of Yoga, the birthplace of the deeply relaxing and powerful practice of Yoga Nidra.

The theme of the OSCAR visualisation is of indiscriminate love for all things, of giving, caring and sharing. Aziz will talk you through the technique ensuring you are rested and comfortable before you begin. All you need do is follow the simple instructions. Like any yoga practice, the more you do the deeper the results. Your donation will enable you to download the recording to use anytime, anywhere and is suitable for both experienced yogis and beginners. Aziz will guide you. Simply get comfortable and leave the rest to him.

“Ekhart yoga provides an amazing selection of online yoga practices with inspiring teachers for yogis all over the world. I am very grateful to Aziz Currim for providing a special yoga nidra recording. I am thankful to have discovered my own yoga practice through Ekhart and in return I would like to share a little authentic Indian yoga nidra with you. Namaste” Ashok Rathod.

Thank you for helping.