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Accounting for and Disclosure of Crypto Assets formerly known as Accounting for and Disclosure of Digital Assets

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Generally, self-employment income includes all gross income derived by an individual from any trade or business carried on by the individual as other than an employee. Consequently, the fair market value of virtual currency received for services performed as an independent contractor, measured in U.S. dollars as of the date of receipt, constitutes self-employment income and is subject to the self-employment tax. Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions that are digitally recorded on a distributed ledger, such as a blockchain. A transaction involving cryptocurrency that is recorded on a distributed ledger is referred to as an “on-chain” transaction; a transaction that is not recorded on the distributed ledger is referred to as an “off-chain” transaction. New accounting rules in this area could change this or alleviate companies’ reluctance, said Deniz Appelbaum, assistant professor of accounting and finance at Montclair State University. “Without these standards for the accounting and valuation of crypto assets, companies are reluctant to hold them,” she said.


Many investors are calling for the FASB to create new standards tailor-made to cryptocurrency and other digital assets because of these difficulties. In most situations, businesses would initially record cryptocurrencies on the balance sheet at their cost basis. The Ripple platform can transfer fiat currencies and intangible assets, such as air miles, as well as digital XRP currency. In this case, the value lies in the ability of the Ripple network to quickly transfer assets around the world.

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Since 1951, clients have chosen Marcum for our insightful guidance in helping them forge pathways to success, whatever challenges they’re facing. Marcum will issue additional updates as the circumstances surrounding the FASB’s proposed change to accounting for cryptocurrencies develops. The staff has prepared this summary for information purposes only. Any Board decisions are tentative and do not change current accounting.

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If you do not have any documentation to substantiate the donor’s basis, then your basis is zero. For more information on basis of property received as a gift, see Publication 551, Basis of Assets. When you sell virtual currency, you must recognize any capital gain or loss on the sale, subject to any limitations on the deductibility of capital losses. For more information on capital assets, capital gains, and capital losses, see Publication 544, Sales and Other Dispositions of Assets. Companies and accountants want the FASB to adopt fair-value accounting instead, which would allow them to recognize losses and gains immediately and treat digital assets as financial assets. While the FASB may consider new guidance for the treatment of digital assets, here’s a guide to accounting for cryptocurrency under the current standards.

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Are among the few traded companies that have had substantial bitcoin holdings. News Corp is a global, diversified media and information services company focused on creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content and other products and services. To accurately track your crypto transactions in a scalable way, you need a system deliberately built for decentralized finance. Family Offices SoftLedger makes it easy to consolidate reporting for family offices in one system.

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