Tinka Hughes

Tinka, 20 years old, is in her second year at The University of Edinburgh, studying sport science. She plays for the university hockey team and keeps team spirit up with her positive energy that we got to know so well.

She took a gap year before university during which she travelled to Mumbai for a month and worked with the OSCAR foundation, which she has described as ‘the most incredible and eye opening experience’, Tinka has chosen to become a young ambassador for the charity. 

She did a lot of work with the nursery and enjoyed teaching the children games and songs that they could take with them as they grow up. 

Tinka and her dad, Olly, ran 80 km in 2 days along the Thames path back in 2019 before she went out to Mumbai and then completed a mini triathlon in 2020 with Tom Taylor, another young ambassador, raising funds for OSCAR during extremely hard times of COVID.