Shraddha joined OSCAR as she was intrigued by the concept of  ‘sports for development’. After attending football and life skills sessions, she was determined to recreate the environment of fun and learning for children in her own community. She enrolled to become a Young Leader and then started a football and life skills batch at a new location, Thane. The increasing interest among beneficiaries and parents led to the creation of another batch exclusively for girls. Her efforts at OSCAR attracted global attention. She was invited to Qatar and Russia to participate in legacy initiatives for the FIFA World Cup. During this time, Shraddha was also developing her skills in design and illustration. She joined OSCAR’s Communications Team in 2018 and contributed to the strengthening of OSCAR’s brand and digital aids. Shraddha currently works at the Communications department at a Bangalore based IT firm and freelances as a designer. Our football and life skills sessions at Thane continue to be popular with over 80 children participating annually.