Phoebe Mayhew

Phoebe Mayhew is a History with Innovation student at the University of Bristol.

Phoebe has wholeheartedly embraced OSCAR’s cause, becoming a dedicated believer and supporter, deeply impressed by the foundation’s extensive work. In January 2020, Phoebe embarked on a month-long visit to Mumbai, where she was astounded by OSCAR’s unwavering commitment to the boys and girls involved and their relentless dedication to helping as many children and families as possible. During her stay, Phoebe had the privilege of sitting in on and assisting with the ManCity Cityzens Giving Programme for the OSCAR young leaders. Witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of providing these young individuals with the tools to become future leaders left a lasting impression on her. She took part in the High Five for OSCAR campaign, pushing herself to complete a challenging combination of cycling, running, and swimming to raise funds.

Phoebe deeply understands the priceless opportunities that OSCAR provides, and she eagerly anticipates future visits and continued support. Her unwavering commitment to OSCAR’s mission reflects her genuine desire to contribute in any way she can and create a lasting impact on the lives of the children and families supported by the organisation.