Parvez has been with OSCAR Foundation for the last seven years. He found his passion for football at the age of 10 and was selected to play for OSCAR’s football excellence project. Since then, he has focused on football and completed his studies under the guidance of OSCAR’s coaches. Through his dedication and hard work, Parvez played in the I-League for 5 years and recently got selected for the U-18 team at Mumbai City FC.

According to Parvez’s first coach Rupesh, he has faced many difficulties in his life, including living in an unsafe area where his house has burnt down twice and thefts are common. However, with the support of his peers and family, Parvez was able to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer. OSCAR Foundation has played a crucial role in shaping his life by teaching him leadership skills, building self-respect, and helping him become goal-oriented.