Mahi is a 14-year-old girl from a low-income community in Mumbai, who lives with her family. Her parents work as a domestic help and cook respectively. Mahi, who is currently in the 8th grade, lost interest in her studies due to an environment that actively discouraged and displayed indifference towards her education and future. However, her life changed for the better when she joined OSCAR’s football and life skills programme 3 years ago. OSCAR helped her realise the importance of education and develop her confidence, which in turn has slowly moulded her into a community leader. Through life skills sessions, Mahi learnt to cope with emotions and stress, helping her to find a balance at home. Mahi’s participation in extracurricular activities like music classes and leadership sessions at OSCAR has helped her broaden her horizons. She now aspires to become an IAS officer and build a successful career for herself.