Aanya Shah

Aanya Shah, a rising sophomore in high school, has been a cherished member of the OSCAR Family for over a year now.  Aanya has actively organized various fundraisers, including biking 100 miles and selling chocolates at her school. She also collaborated with her father to host an event, where all the proceeds were dedicated to funding a pizza party for the children within the OSCAR Foundation. Witnessing the positive impact of these fundraisers and how the funds directly benefit children in India brings her great joy. Recently, Aanya has taken on a new project to further support OSCAR. She is diligently working on creating a podcast focused on raising awareness about child protection within the OSCAR Foundation. Aanya plans to interview members of the foundation, using their stories and insights to spread the word about OSCAR’s mission and make a difference in the lives of children. As India holds a special place in Aanya’s heart as her ancestral home, the children at OSCAR have a profound significance to her. She eagerly looks forward to making more meaningful memories with the OSCAR family and continuing her efforts to support and uplift the lives of these children.