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Mumbai City FC relaunches the ‘Healthy Goals’ Campaign with OSCAR

Mumbai City FC and  OSCAR  are thrilled to announce the continuation of their efforts towards the Healthy Goals, an initiative to empower healthier lives for city youth through football by creating safe spaces and providing free programming for young people to play football in urban Mumbai. 

Following the resounding success of last year’s initiative, which raised a combined £1 million for new community football pitches and youth-led projects across six City Football Group Club cities*, Mumbai City and OSCAR are once again joining forces. With the support of City Football Group, up to £125,000 in match funding will be available to extend the impact of this vital initiative in Mumbai.

Mumbai City FC

“At Mumbai City FC, community development is critical to further strengthen our bond with the city of Mumbai. In a city as diverse as ours our community efforts are focused on making a difference, and that is why partnering with a community leader in OSCAR Foundation was important. Through the ‘Healthy Goals’ program, which is in its second year, we aim to continue to deliver programs that lead to healthy communities, grassroots development and sustainable social growth.” 

Kandarp Chandra, CEO Mumbai City FC

Mumbai City FC

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As a valued supporter, you play a crucial role in the fundraising towards Healthy Goals. The scarcity of space in urban Mumbai poses a significant challenge, making the development of safe and accessible football pitches all the more crucial. By refurbishing and developing pitches across the city, the initiative not only provides spaces for physical activity but also fosters confidence and imparts essential life skills to children, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future.

Ashok Rathod, founder of OSCAR Foundation, shares his perspective: 

City Football Group and Mumbai City FC are offering our community a life changing opportunity. OSCAR children in Mumbai live in densely populated communities, in tiny houses with no room to run around and play. The Healthy Goals campaign aims to provide a space for them to flourish. Children deserve the freedom to explore, the opportunity to develop their football and life skills. OSCAR needs a ground where we can come together to teach and learn from each other. This is a campaign which will reshape lives. Let’s seize it!”

Mumbai City FC
Sanjeev Stalin, Mumbai City FC’s player at the 2023 Healthy Goal launch.

We invite you, Mumbai City FC & OSCAR fans and supporters to embrace purpose and undertake a personal challenge or enterprise to raise funds. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of Mumbai’s youth. 

Becoming part of the initiative is easy. If you and your friends would like to start your own healthy goal campaign contact now. Or you can support by donating HERE from the UK or HERE from India.

Legal Notice:

*City Football Group Limited (CFG) will match donations to the Healthy Goals Programme made between March and September 2024, to a limit of £125k for any single Club or a maximum of £500k matched globally across all CFG Clubs participating in this round of funding. 

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