My Inspiring Journey

Our Inspiring Journey with OSCAR Foundation

Anamika Burman, 11th grade Hills Spring International School, Mumbai

As students of Hill Spring International School, Mumbai  immersed in the International Baccalaureate curriculum, we have the opportunity to take part in the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) program. This program has enriched our educational experience with an array of activities that surpass the regular classroom learning. We are currently involved with the OSCAR (Organisation for Social Change, Awareness, and Responsibility) Foundation. Here, we have been actively participating in initiatives, particularly in teaching English to eager young minds.

We conducted engaging and interactive storytelling sessions, played games, and delved into the basics of English grammar and conversational skills. On International Women’s Day we shared the inspiring tale of Malala Yousafzai, a symbol of bravery and advocacy for girls’ education and also assisted the OSCAR children in making thank you cards for their mothers. 

Our time with the OSCAR Foundation has transcended the usual boundaries of a CAS project; it has been a profound exchange of learning and inspiration for all of us. This experience has highlighted the value of being flexible, patient, and the incredible influence that guidance can have on developing minds. It has also given me a deeper insight into the societal challenges many children face and the transformative role of education in societal reform.

Our involvement with the OSCAR Foundation has been a fulfilling way to harness our creativity and engage with children who possess a thirst for knowledge. I hope that more of peers will be encouraged to dive into community service. There’s a unique satisfaction in leveraging our learning and resources to better the lives of others, and I am thankful to the IB program for nurturing a spirit of global consciousness and community involvement in us.

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