Volunteering opportunities in India with the OSCAR Foundation.

Volunteering opportunities in India with the OSCAR Foundation.

Oscar Volunteers

Volunteering for The OSCAR Foundation in India is an experience which will last a life time. Our volunteers immerse themselves wholeheartedly into the OSCAR community, making new friends, sharing, learning and teaching. It is a unique experience.

Anna Waterage

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“Providing an opportunity for our volunteers to make an impactful contribution is key. OSCAR transforms the lives of girls & boys by engaging them in football and encouraging them to pursue their education. Volunteers motivate and lead, they share life experiences, teach children basic computer skills, English and mathematics, football drills & skills, support our staff in the office plus heaps of other fun activities.” Lucinda Sowerbutts 

Amelia & George

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Volunteering is an opportunity to give back and become part of a global community. Working with OSCAR children, Young Leaders, football coaches and fellow volunteers breaks barriers, building lasting and meaningful connections.

“Volunteering with OSCAR pushes you out of your comfort zone, travelling on local trains, working in rural villages, sleeping on ground mats, eating local food and above all working with children, who despite living in poverty are full of laughter and love. It is humbling and rewarding in equal measures.” 

Ruby – Warwick Medical School

Ruby Sowerbutts

Empowering our communities helps create sustainable development and we are grateful to our volunteers for contributing all they do. Volunteering with OSCAR offers cultural immersion, personal growth and meaningful impact. It not only benefits the communities served but also enriches volunteers’ lives. 

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Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age for International Volunteers is 18. Anyone under 21 should aim to travel with a companion. If you cannot find a friend to travel with, we can often match volunteers. We just prefer you to have company. 

Is there an interview process?

Yes, we ask you to fill in an application form, which is followed by a Zoom interview. 

Do I have to pay for my volunteer experience?

All volunteers must raise a minimum of £1,500, which goes directly to fund the OSCAR programmes. Most volunteers choose a physical challenge, like running a marathon, cycling or hiking. JustGiving (UK) or GlobalGiving (USA) are the two preferred fundraising platforms.

When is the best time to travel?

The best time is November to May. The optimum months are January and February. 

How long is the Volunteer Programme?

3 weeks.  

What about flights and accommodation?

Volunteers are responsible for booking and paying all travel to Mumbai and accommodation. Volunteers often stay at Cowies Hostel in Colaba, who offer a 10% discount for OSCAR. In rural areas the accommodation and food is £4 or 400 rupees per night.

What will I be doing?

Activities include, football skills and drills, teaching basic computer literacy, English for beginners and office admin, plus lots of fun activities and engagement with the community. 

Where will I be based?

Volunteers are based in Mumbai but have the option to travel to rural Karnataka and/or Rajasthan.

Is it easy to get an Indian Visa?

A one-month Tourist Visa application can be applied for online. 

If you would like more information or an application form please contact:


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