Tata Mumbai Marathon

My Journey with OSCAR and TATA Mumbai Marathon – Hrishikesh Bhagwat

OSCAR Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged children through education and football, provided me with a gateway into the world of the marathon. While I have never participated as a runner, my journey with the TATA Mumbai Marathon began through – OSCAR Foundation.

My participation in the event allowed me to witness firsthand how the marathon serves as a platform for nonprofits to advance their mission and garner essential support and resources for a diverse range of causes, including environmental conservation, healthcare, sports for development, education, and more.

Moreover, the TATA Mumbai Marathon offers corporates an invaluable opportunity to showcase their commitment to social responsibility. Through their involvement in the event, companies not only demonstrate their support for worthy causes but also contribute tangibly to the betterment of society.

My introduction to the TATA Mumbai Marathon was with my fundraising team of OSCAR Foundation. For two years, I had the privilege of being part of the team responsible for the Motivational Zone, a vibrant stage area along Marine Drive. Here, we meticulously planned and executed engaging performances and activities to captivate the thousands of participants and spectators.

The atmosphere during the marathon is nothing short of electric. As the major races like Full and Half Marathon conclude, the streets come alive with the exuberance of the Dream Run. Participants, adorned in colourful attire representing their chosen causes, fill the air with spirited chants and slogans. At the Motivational Zone, the energy is palpable, with dance performances, short dramas, and music adding to the carnival-like atmosphere.

While working with the Motivational Zone team, I noticed a sincere curiosity among many individuals about the OSCAR Foundation’s work. It was heartening to see people genuinely interested in learning about our organization’s mission. What struck me most was the diverse range of people—from different backgrounds—who eagerly participated in the activities at OSCAR’s Motivational Zone. This experience reinforced the idea that dedication to showcasing meaningful work can lead to profoundly positive outcomes.

In essence, the TATA Mumbai Marathon is more than just a race; it is a celebration of humanity’s collective capacity for compassion and generosity. It provides a platform for individuals, nonprofits, and corporates to come together, united in their pursuit of a better world. My journey with the marathon has been transformative, leaving an indelible mark on my heart and reaffirming my belief in the power of community and giving.

Tata Mumbai Marathon
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