Up for a Challenge

Up for a challenge in 2024? Ready to conquer new heights or trek the Sahara and fundraise for OSCAR?

Mount Toubkal

MOUNT TOUBKAL 5-9th June 2024

Get ready for the ultimate thrill climbing Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa with PJS Challenges, all in support of underprivileged OSCAR Foundation children.

Picture breathtaking landscapes, a sense of accomplishment and the joy of making a difference to many lives. Ashok and Lucinda are rallying a team of spirited souls to join them both on a PJS Challenges adventure and climb Toubkal’s majestic summit, not just for the thrill but to fundraise for OSCAR.

Download itinerary & cost.

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Sahara Trek

Mountains not your thing, then why not join the Sahara trek.

SAHARA DESERT TREK 19-25th October 2024

Sahara Desert

Unleash your inner explorer in the Sahara Desert and leave more than just footprints in the sand!

Enjoy miles of sand dunes, starlit nights and making a difference. Brace yourself for the ultimate adventure – trekking the Sahara Desert with trusty camels and all to support those in need.

Download the itinerary & cost.

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Fundraising for Oscar Foundation

FUNDRAISING for The OSCAR Foundation

OSCAR is inviting all team members to raise a minimum of £500, with the aim of going over target! It’s easy to set up a personal fundraising page dedicated to your challenge. OSCAR uses JustGiving but there are other platforms. BE SURE TO ENABLE GIFT AID! You can link your challenge to OSCAR India Ltd here: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/donatetoOSCAR

Feel free to contact lucinda@oscar-foundation.org.

TOP TIPS for successful fundraising:

  1. Clearly articulate your cause and the impact of donations.
  2. Create a compelling story.
  3. Use social media platforms.
  4. Set a realistic fundraising goal. Increase it as you get close to the target
  5. Regularly update supporters on your progress.
  6. Use all your personal networks and connections and get others to help you!
  7. Remember to thank donors and keep them up to date with your progress.
Mount Kilamanjaro
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