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Blog: A UK newspaper reports on the amazing support for the OSCAR UK TOUR

 Lucinda Sowerbutts shares her experience working with her local community to fundraise for OSCAR in The Stroud News & JournalI’m a working mother of four striving to keep both my home and work life in harmony. In the summer of 2015, stuck in heavy traffic en route to the office in Londo...


Blog: Collecting water changed Maruti Chauhan’s life.

Collecting water supplies from the communal tap became a positive turning point for a ten-year-old boy living in the Mumbai slums.Maruti Chauhan is a 20-year-old OSCAR Foundation football coach and has been working hard preparing the OSCAR U14 squad for the UK Tour in October 17. There is nothing so...


Blog: Juan Mata visits OSCAR Foundation

"Football has the unique power to change the world"Look around the narrow pathways of Ambedkar Nagar community in Mumbai and you will see Manchester United shirts at every turn. For thousands of children in one of India's most impoverished communities, these players are role models of success; proof...