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Independence Day football3 | A different way to play


To mark India’s recent 70th Independence day we thought it would be fitting to put together a football3 event for the U-16 children at the OSCAR foundation. The main objective of this event was to promote gender equality, positive values and fair play.

In a country where girls do not get a fair chance to showcase their talent, we thought that this amazing concept from streetfootballworld was the perfect tool to help us break conventions. We believe in creating a platform for boys and girls to play football together and equally irrespective of their gender, caste, religion, age or background.


Introduction to football3

Created by streetfootballworld football3 is a unique way of playing football that is changing lives across the world. It is based on the principle that the basic values of fair play, gender equality, teamwork and respect are just as important as football skill.

Named after its ‘three halves’ – a pre match discussion, football game and post match discussion – football 3 incorporates key life sessions into every match. In mixed gender teams, players collectively decide the rules before the game.


A total of 8 teams participated on the day of the event, after each match they reflected on their behaviour and the behaviour of their opponents with OSCAR coaches Gulafsha and Maruti, who recently developed their understanding of the concept at the streetworldfootball Festival 16 in Lyon. As football 3 is played with no referees, the players had to learn how to resolve conflicts themselves through dialogue and compromise with points awarded for goals as well as fair play. It was a hugely enjoyable day with valuable lessons learnt for all involved. We are very excited to continue to implement football3 throughout our football and young leader programmes and inspire the next generation of children to play football together.

We want to thank streetfootballworld for coming up with this revolutionary way of playing the game and the society of Maker Tower A&B Wing for allowing us to celebrate our first #football3 independence day tournament at their amazing facility.